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Gypsy Road – ‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’

Gypsy Road

'Letters To A Friend, From Interstate' (Single Out April 26)

Taking Midwest-emo to the extreme, Naarm/Melbourne-based group Gypsy Road discover a way to heal and grow in their new single ‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’, releasing Friday, April 26. This heavy track acts as a teaser to their impassioned debut album sharing the same title, releasing a month later on Friday, May 24.
Formed in 2017, Gypsy Road already have a solid discography that displays their growth from recording in drummer James Dagiandas’ garage to playing sold-out shows throughout Victoria. Now, the band displays how their sound has evolved since their recent EP in the form of 4 minutes and 26 seconds of raw emotion. Gypsy Road sets the scene for their upcoming album. 
‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’ is a moody track filled with emotion and yearning for a new chapter in life. The dazzling, yet brooding guitar tones along with the forceful punch from the drums create a soundscape evocative of nearing a complete breakdown. A wave of distortion roars through the song which is only taken further by the heart-wrenching weight behind Alex’s screams.
This track is undeniably heavier than their previous releases. Even with the addition of twinkly guitar riffs, similar to those of American Football and Hot Mulligan, the band manages to use this polarity to their advantage to emphasize their storytelling and heighten the already intense rollercoaster of emotion throughout this song. Alex Centofanti reflects that:

“This song is about wanting to see your ex after a breakup but knowing that distancing yourself is the only proper way to heal and grow. It’s an ode to moving on and to starting a new chapter of life. Incorporating screams in this song was a first and we feel that this helps add a layer of intensity to the song. We’ve been experimenting with new sounds and trying to push our boundaries on the heavier side.”

Start a new chapter alongside Gypsy Road on Friday, April 26 when they release ‘Letters To A Friend, From Interstate’ and be prepared for their debut album on May 24.

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